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Welcome to the international Oekonux Wiki.

This Wiki has been created by the Oekonux project to have a Wiki for presenting material to an international audience as well as having discussions about this content.


This Wiki hosts a couple of projects. These projects are somehow related but they are not all the same and they may have differences. Each project has a top level page and the remaining pages are below this top level page.

  • Oekonux

    This is the project where the Oekonux project itself has its pages. Every other project in this Wiki should have a recognizable relation to Oekonux.

  • Initiatives

    An umbrella page for various initiatives / initiative ideas which came up after the 4th Oekonux Conference.

  • FreeModes

    A project which gathers links to existing projects which have interesting aspects from the Oekonux perspective.

  • GlobalVillages

    A project trying to merge rural aspects with modern technology. It relies heavily on physical concentration of people.

  • GermForm

    A project to research the aspects of a germ form as developed in Oekonux further. For instance there are efforts to explore what could be criteria for a germ form.

Meta home

This page is the meta home page for all these projects. Everything which belongs to this Wiki as a whole should find it's place under this page:

  • OekonuxWiki/Help

    If you need help on using this Wiki please refer to this page to find the help you are are looking for.

  • OekonuxWiki/Guidelines

    If you want to contribute to this Wiki please make sure to read the guidelines for it.

  • OekonuxWiki/Forum

    The place where everything which relates to the whole Wiki can be discussed.

  • OekonuxWiki/License

    Details about the license the material in this Wiki is under. Basically it comes down to: Feel free to copy stuff but link back to the source.

  • OekonuxWiki/GardenPlan

    This idea of multiple projects hosted under a common roof has its roots here.

  • OekonuxWiki/History

    Some material about the history of the Oekonux Wiki. Incomplete.

  • OekonuxWiki/Supplements

    Supplemental pages for using this Wiki.

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