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Clear message


If you are looking for help to use this Wiki you may check a number of places.

General help

These help pages are not specific to this Wiki but come packaged with the Wiki engine.

Attention: Please note that all general help pages refer to the default syntax of the underlying Wiki engine. However, by default we use a slight derivation from this syntax which switches off camel case for automatic link generation. I.e. if you want to reference a certain page you have to mark your intention by explicit markup.

Specific help / FAQs

Besides the general help pages outlined in the previuos section there are a couple of FrequentlyAskedQuestions pages which are specific for this Wiki:

Since these pages are specific for this Wiki the content there always overrides what is said in the general help pages.

Help by page templates

If you create a new page based on a template - which you really should do - then in many cases you will find comments in this template which help you with page creation.

Questions still not answered

If you considered the help offered above and you still don't know how to proceed feel free to add a question to one of the FAQs.

Feature requests

If you are missing a certain feature a lot you may add to the feature requests.


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