I have no idea if the Wiki is a good place also to prepare decisions. Anyway, let's try it. -- HGG 1901

Decision Area

Proposal: Have 2005 Oekonux e.V. annual meeting along with an informal weekend meeting

There is a proposal (s.ma, me) to have more regularly informal meetings, to agree upon a date for such a weekend meeting in the middle of 2006, somewhere in Thuringia, e.g. Rudolstadt or Eisenach, and have the annual e.V. meeting also there and not at the Linux-Tag in Karlsruhe. -- HGG 1901


Room for more detailed comments

From the conversation so far (in German):

Issues of such a meeting might be:

A possible opportunity is the NewWork meeting 7.-9.7.2006 in Hutten, see http://www.hg-graebe.de/WAK-Leipzig/projekt-2.html -- HGG 1602

Room for more comments about Oekonux decision meeting in general

It is the usual way of decision within Oekonux if for the moment (30.01) 100% of the 2 (in words: two) responses vote for such a meeting. I do not dare to speak about "consensus" - but I think that such a relation of the majority of pox-subscribers to OekonuxAsProject is a great problem. -- HGG 3001

During the last years the general meetings of the Oekonux e.V. - Oekonux Association - were hold on the edge of the Linux-Tag and became very formal without discussing any issue of interest. To fit the challenges of the next years, I think Oekonux really needs to be reorganised, which might be at least a merge of the hierarchy levels mox and pox, probably chox. Therefore I proposed a general meeting for everyone who feels himself responsible for Oekonux and contributes a lot of time - just like Franz, Karl, Holger, Helmut Supik and others. -- SMa 2801/0102

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