Hi there,

you find the 4th Oekonux Conference a great idea? You live in the Manchester region or want to visit the conference? You could imagine to find some fun in supporting this great thing actively? Then you have just arrived at the right page :-) !

This page lists all the tasks which need to be done locally before or during the conference. For sure there is something which will be right for your fun and thus good for you. So hurry up and take your pick before someone else grabs the best task.

General remarks

Before hunting for the greatest task please keep these points in mind:

  • Money is very limited

    For some of the tasks below money could or needs to be spent. However, the Oekonux conferences are run with a very low budget. So whatever you want to do: Use as little money as possible and in any case before committing to spending money contact the organizers.

  • Organization is necessary

    Some task need you to organize things. From bad experiences made in former conferences we require you to take the responsibility to really organize what you want to do. Organization usually is work and caring and does not do by itself. If this goes for you without saying the better it is.

  • Support is available

    This said you will of course receive all the support you need. The general organization of the conference is done via the mailing list

    [pox] <projekt AT oekonux DOT de> . In some cases there will be people whose task it is to support you.

  • Teams are possible

    If you are interested in a task but do not want to do it alone feel free to look for others to do it together. For some tasks it probably works to look for help during the conference.

  • Mailing list

    [hox] <helpers AT oekonux-conference DOT org>

    There is a mailing list for local helpers. All local helpers will be subscribed there so before the conference we can contact all of you in a quick and easy way. This is also a good place to cooperate with other helpers and to look for team members. And don't worry: This list is exclusively for this goal and will be probably low traffic.

  • Signing up

    If you found your favorite task below don't hesitate to drop us a note on

    [pox] <projekt AT oekonux DOT de> or subscribe to the mailing list for local helpers.


Before the conference

Organize catering

We need some catering for the people attending the conference. What we really need is lunch on Saturday. Other catering is optional.

This task includes

  • organizing the delivery of the food to the conference site,
  • organizing local preparations,
  • organizing cleaning up

You are free to choose the food. However, please note that most of the audience will probably be used to mainstream food. It would also be good to have an vegetarian option.

Organize social event

We would like to have something like a party on Saturday evening. This can include playing music but a nice restaurant would also be fine. In any case it would be good if there is the option to just talk to each other.

You should plan for 40-70 persons.

Organize mass accommodation

It would be great if we could offer mass accommodation for normal conference visitors. If you can organize cheap accommodation for those who are ready to bring their own sleeping bags this would be great.

Organize audio recording

We want to record all events on audio so it can be made available after the conference. If you are ready to organize the necessary audio equipment for this and give advice how to operate it this would be great.

Organize Internet access

We want to have (free) WLAN during the conference. This is a major problem on Saturday and Sunday. If you can help with this by donating equipment or Internet access then this would be great.

During the conference

Helping in the conference bureau / check-in

During the conference we need a central place to

  • welcome visitors
  • answer general questions
  • organize spontaneous sessions

There will be detailed instructions and tips for this task.

Since this is a task needed during the whole conference there will probably be a team running the conference bureau which will have a schedule.

Supporting a presentation

Speakers need some support during their presentation. This includes:

  • Making general announcements
  • Introducing the speaker to the audience
  • Helping with or running local infrastructure like recording equipment
  • Help during the discussion phase

There will be detailed instructions and tips for this task. There also will be meetings for this team.

You may of course hunt for those presentations you want to attend anyway.

This task is needed for each presentation and their will be either a schedule or it is maintained directly in our conference planning tool.

Picking speakers up

There may be speakers who ask for being picked up at the airport or so. If you are ready to pick up someone this would be great.

Cleaning up after the conference

After the conference there is probably some work needed to clean the site up. If you are ready to help with this this would be great.

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