We'd like to have an informal meeting during the 22C3 which is the annual meeting of the CCC (December 27th to 30th, 2005, Berlin, Germany). If you would like to join such a meeting please add your name to the following list:

If you are looking for an accommodation and ultimately didn't find one, please add (Accommodation needed) to the list above.


Those interested in such a meeting are suited best by

Day 3 (December 29th), 10:00am

In the conference schedule there is an one hour break at 20:00. This might be used to arrange for another meeting - preferrably a dinner.


We meet up at Thursday, December 29th, 10:00am at the

main entrance to the Berliner Congress Center

This is where the 22C3 takes place. If you have been to WOS3 then you already know the location. From there we look for a place to stay.

One possibility would be to go to the Morgenland, Skalitzer Str. 35., Berlin-Kreuzberg. From Alexanderplatz, you'd take the subway U8 in direction Hermannstr. to Kottbusser Tor, which is four stations from Alexanderplatz. Then, either walk a few minutes down Skalitzer Str. (to the east), or go by subway U1 in direction Warschauer Str. for one more station to Görlitzer Bahnhof, which is near to the Morgenland.

However, may be you have a better idea where we could go?

If you want to join us later then please call us on the phone and we'll help you to find us.

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