The following books are considered extremely relevant for Oekonux. Please add entries only if you are sure about the relevance.

English books

The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age

By Pekka Himanen with prologue by Linus Torvalds and epilogue by Manuel Castells

The comment from the Financial Times on the front cover: "A bold manifesto for a new theory of work in the digital age... A thoroughly spirited and commendable framework for human creativity."

Praise by StefanMerten including a couple of citations.

Vintage (Random House), 2001, ISBN 0-09-942692-7

-- StefanMerten 2006-05-27 15:41:28

Just for FUN - The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

By Linus Torvalds and David Diamond

In a rather personal book Linus Torvalds tells the story how Linux started. This book is also a good antidote against the believe that Free Software necessarily is done for something else than fun.

HarperCollins, 2001

German translation available from Hanser (ISBN 3-446-21684-7).

-- StefanMerten 2006-05-27 15:41:28

The Success of Open Source

By Steven Weber

A book about how Free Software projects work as seen from an sociological / politics perspective.

Praise by StefanMerten including a couple of citations from the first pages of the book. Recension by StefanMerten.

Harvard University Press, 2004, ISBN 0-674-01292-5

-- StefanMerten 2006-05-27 15:41:28

German books

Freie Menschen in Freien Vereinbarungen

By Stefan Meretz, Annette Schlemm, Jörg Bergstedt

In this book Stefan Meretz explains some fundamental notions important for the Oekonux discourse.

Online version

LINUX & CO. Freie Software - Ideen für eine andere Gesellschaft.

By Stefan Meretz

In this small book Stefan Meretz explains how Free Software evolved and gives some insights in the development of means of production.

Online version

Verlag AG SPAK Bücher, 2000, ISBN 3-930830-16-7


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